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What is the Difference Between a Fence and a Wire Fence?

Apr. 22, 2021

Fence products are extremely versatile, and can be used in various road construction, fences, residential areas, and green space construction. And another type of Wire Fence also has a greater use. When choosing a product, the two are not well understood, which often causes unnecessary trouble.

If you want to buy a suitable product, you must first have a general understanding of the product you choose, and choose a suitable fence net product according to the place of production and the scope of use. The same goes for barbed wire fences. Don't mess up, so are the two the same? What are the differences? The Barbed Wire Fence Supplier has summarized some experiences and shared with you:

1.The characteristics of the fence:

Fence nets are relatively common protective net products, such as railway fence nets, highway fence nets, bridge construction, road administration construction and other fields, you will see them. It is made of high-quality wire rod and mesh welded to each other, which is more strong and stable. It is used for isolation and protection and plays a good role in helping.

2. Features of barbed wire fence:

Barbed wire fence, which is commonly referred to as "protective net", is a kind of fence net product commonly used on both sides of urban roads. It has an assembled integral frame structure, which is conducive to construction, convenient and quick to install. It is mainly used for the protection and protection of equipment and measures in factories, workshops, warehouses, parking yards, trade zones, public places and other occasions.

In addition, this kind of barbed wire fence has the characteristics of bright anti-corrosion and durability. The anti-corrosion function of the surface can be greatly enhanced through the treatment processes of tempering, spraying, and dipping.

3. What is the difference between the two meshes:

In terms of definition, barbed wire fences also belong to fence mesh products, but they are more precise and more characteristic. Barbed wire fences can be processed into a variety of fence mesh products, such as: welded wire fence, Chain Link Fence, crimped wire fence, etc. Numerous models; and the fence has a wide range of uses, including railways, bridges, urban greening, and community protection. The size and model are exceptionally huge, which is one of the products we often see.

In general, barbed wire fences and fence nets are both protective and protective products. In the application, there is a certain advantage. A comprehensive understanding and analysis of the needs allows us to fully understand the relevant characteristics of the fence net products. Only in this way, we are returning from the purchase The products will play a greater role.

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