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How Did Fences Develop And Innovate In The History River

Sep. 02, 2021

Metal fence

The journey to the origins of the fence takes us back a long way - thousands of years before Christ. For centuries, early nomads roamed the land as hunter-gatherers. Later, man settled down and began farming and raising livestock. To prevent his animals from escaping, man built the first pasture fences and gates. Metal fence supplier YONGKUN shares with you.

The development of fences

With the advent of log cabins, settlers also changed their habits: they hoarded supplies and drew boundaries. Property became increasingly important. The fence experienced a real boom during this period. Humans fenced off entire villages to protect themselves from wild animals and other attackers. Later, functional borders became a status symbol for the rich and powerful. They sometimes protected their huts with ornate and elaborate boundary markers.

From fences to walls

As the population grew, what began as a small village became a vibrant city. Simple fences became walls with gates, moats and towers. People felt safe behind the huge walls. Gradually the walls lost their protective function and became more and more beautiful.

The word fence comes from the old German word 'hag'. It means a fence and is made of wood, metal or stone, branches etc. Later on, in the continuous evolution and evolution of fencing products, new varieties emerged.

Today's fences

Today we no longer need to hide behind walls that are several metres high.

In the early days, fences were simply called wire fences or barbed wire. Later, as new products emerged. People wanted to differentiate the various fences. There were double wire fences, palisade fences, top roll fences and so on. These names are also based on the structural characteristics of different fences to name. So-called frame fences.

Wire fences act as dividers between properties, protecting our privacy and shaping the image of our houses. However, they are no longer simply borders, but have become a representative puppet: simple fences made of wooden lattice strips or slats have long since gone out of fashion. Today you can find modern double-rod lattice mats with various decorative elements and exquisite hand-forged decorative metal lattice fences.

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